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Puzzle's Solver published

Puzzle's Solver is a web application that can solve the levels of various games for smartphones based on tangram. The goal of the games is move some blocks formed by small squares in order to fit a rectangular shape.

To solve a level of a puzzle game, you should specify the number of the rows and of the columns of the rectangular shape to fit. Moreover you should specify the various blocks.

To specify a block you should just draw it in a table by clicking onto the cells.
One click to draw a square, another click to remove it.
You can draw a block near the border of the table or in the middle, it's the same. Only the shape is important.
Then the block must be inserted, that is, you should confirm its shape. To do it just click the "Add block" button.

After that all the blocks have been inserted, a click on the "Solve" button will load a web page containing the solution of the puzzle.

You can find Puzzle's Solver into the Applications section of this web site.

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