Puzzle's Solver

Puzzle's Solver


What is it?

Puzzle's Solver is a web application that helps you to solve the puzzles of various similar games inspired by tangram.
The goal of the games is to move various blocks to fit them in a given rectangular shape.
Here you are a list of some games of which Puzzle's Solver can solve the levels:

How it works

First of all you should specify the number of rows and columns that the rectangular shape to fit has.
Then you should specify the blocks to use. So click on the cells of the table below to draw a block, then click the "Add block" button; do this for each block.

If the shape to fit is not rectangular, you can recreate it by drawing into the table some "black quads". Like a crossword puzzle. To do it click on "Shape design", then onto the cells.

When you are ready click the "Solve" button.

Example of a level of a game

Puzzle's Solver screenshots

Example of a level of a game

Puzzle design


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