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New web site online

I decided to register a new domain, more suitable for the kind of this web site.
Before I had the domain, I put a directory into the associated web space so that the final address of my web site was . Into there was only an empty page redirecting to the fisa folder.

When I took the domain I had not in mind to create a personal web site, for this reason its name is not "proper". I took that mostly to experiment with web stuff.

Since I used the previous web site to put online things made by me, I registered this new domain with my surname in it. I think it is more appropriate.

This new web site is similar to the old one. The main difference is that there is a new section, the "Articles" section. I want to use the new section to put online news related to this web site, guides and tutorials that I could write.

I would like to quote here the web site of a friend of mine, Diego Sgammeglia. He is a web enthusiast.
His web site is .

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