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Rimario Mac 1.2 released

Finally I published the version 1.2 of Rimario Mac, I developed this version some time ago but I never put it online.

The possibility of searching the words using the wildcard characters has been added, for example you can search all the words that begin with ru (search: ru*), all the words that contain pane (search: *pane*), the words that have this format: c__in_t__ (search: c??in?t??), it is very useful to solve games like crosswords.
Using the same technique you can exclude from the results of a search of a rime the words that match with the specified string.

To get more informations and details check the menu "Aiuto" of the application.

You can freely download Rimario Mac from the applications section of this web site.

Please note that Rimario Mac is in italian.

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